We draw our inspiration from our surroundings - rich in history, with a diversity of arts and crafts, our designers felt these resources offered enormous potential. The great skill of our local craftsmen and what they could achieve with design guidance was also an asset we could harness.

Today this styling has become our mark of distinction, and we combine it with the best of local knowledge to offer an eclectic style of living which is often described as different, distinct and unique. WITH THAT SAID these are the values we hold dear to ourselves and the company, THE VALUES THAT HAVE MADE KALAMKAAR INTO WHAT IT IS TODAY:

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Ethical design:

ethical design is something we hold in very high regard. since the inception of this company we have always focused on the development of our own UNIQUE design philosophy. distinctly kalamkaar. we take inspiration from our surroundings, from the heritage we are immersed in, whether it be local poetry, the aesthetics of ancient south asian CIVILISATIONS of the past, or the local culture and crafts.

ENVIRONMENTAL sustainability:

having progressed from a SMALL workshop with a handful of employees to a nationally RECOGNISED brand name we REALISED the effect our craft could have on the ENVIRONMENT. in view of that we decided to take a more active role when it comes to ENVIRONMENTAL sustainability. we decided we would give away saplings free of charge to anyone who might want them, whether they be students, non-governmental organisations, customers, anyone who may want them. we take great pride in knowing that to date we have given away several times more saplings than the number of trees we consumed. along with that we DECIDED to plant several thousand trees along the entirety of kalamkaar road, and to plant a small forest of a few thousand trees a few minutes away from our flagship showroom. we continue to take steps to ensure that kalamakaar helps improve the ENVIRONMENT. to us sustainability matters.


Here at Kalamkaar we believe that people (and companies) have a responsibility to help each other and to help the people who work with them. knowing this we established a small informal school within kalamkaar. we established this school so we could provide education to the families of our artisans and our vendors. often using cash incentive programs to ensure the children don’t miss their classes. ensuring they get a better future matters to us.